The Power of One

I went to acupuncture today to help my back. I go about once a month to this phenomenal traditional Chinese medicine doctor in my area to keep myself out of pain. For the first time in my 3.5 years seeing him, I chatted with him after the session as he was closing up shop. I … More The Power of One

Build Me Up

I had such a great conversation with a coworker today about life, healthcare (the industry we work in), and this website. I always go away feeling wonderful after our conversations because she’s one of those people that respects so much what I’m trying to do here and continuously builds me up. She believes in me, … More Build Me Up

Talk about It

One thought today: if you’re going through something, lean into it and talk about it. I’ve seen close friends and family hate talking about the awful things that they’re going through, and it never seems to get solved because they never want to deal with it. There’s something to the fact that talking about the … More Talk about It

Not Fair

It’s Monday, and I got a whopping 10 hours of sleep last night. Sounds great, right?! It was. BUT, I’m still recovering from a major surgery so those 10 hours probably got me about 8 hours of rest with all the tossing and turning that happens every night. I realized that I probably need that … More Not Fair


Today, I had a chance to sit down with a young woman in college. We connected because she reached out to me last year to serve as a professional mentor. In our last conversation, I opened up about some things that I had been through recently in my life, and she opened up for a … More Mentoring


I hate negativity. I wish I didn’t. I don’t like the idea of hating things. But negativity, ugh! I really HATE it! It takes over everything around it like a disease. When it’s coming from someone you love and trust, it’s like a punch in the gut. I knocks you out for a moment and … More Negativity