The Value of a Good Job

I had a great day at work today. I spoke to 2 senior leaders in my job (as a business executive), and I felt as though my career is exactly on the track I want it to be. When I have a day like yesterday, for me, the next day is usually easier. Crying it out helps me get my emotions out, and I do a much better job moving forward from a challenge once I’ve had time to get those emotions out. Everyone is different when it comes to processing emotions, but I think in general, finding a healthy way to release those emotions when they come is really helpful in the whole process. After having that release, I entered the day with a lot more energy. I also listened to music while working for a few hours because (as Cam says in her Ted Talk) music soothes the soul. At the end of today, I’m so happy that I have a career that I love. It really, really helps when my personal struggles are at their worst to have a positive outlet in my career. Thinking about my future career makes me happy. If you don’t have that, see if there’s a way to make that happen for you sometime in your future. It may be hard and take a long time, but I think it’s completely worth the investment. Four years ago almost to the day, I was a researcher at a university, and I didn’t like my job. I made a series of very risky and bold moves that took me out of a PhD program, through another research job on my way to an MBA program, where I was able to recruit for and eventually land my dream job. Now, that dream job gives me the energy to take all my personal struggles and go public with them because I now have the life that I’ve wanted for a long time and have enough extra energy left over to start this website. The road was crazy, and the process was stressful. BUT, it was all worth it! When you already have really difficult complications in your personal life, work can be such a nice, fulfilling escape. If you love what you do, it’s a wonderful, needed escape that gives you the energy to get more out of your personal life too. – 03/07/2017


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