The Power of One

I went to acupuncture today to help my back. I go about once a month to this phenomenal traditional Chinese medicine doctor in my area to keep myself out of pain. For the first time in my 3.5 years seeing him, I chatted with him after the session as he was closing up shop. I told him about my childhood abuse and started telling him about this website. We started chatting some more and got into a conversation about how the main Buddhist principals are the same teachings as Jesus. (Look it up if you don’t believe me! It’s pretty cool!) Then, we started talking about meditation. He spoke about focusing on your energy center just below your navel and just in front of your spine. It was very interesting and something I hadn’t heard before. On his way to speaking about this, he said something that really struck me. He said that meditation is all about nothingness, clearing your brain to allow it to sink into nothingness, but that’s really, really hard. “Buddha had a trick for this. What’s close to nothingness?” “One,” I replied. “Yes, one.” He went on to say that to become skilled in meditation you must practice focusing on one thing: your energy center. I was really impacted by the thinking of focusing on one thing at a time. I’ve heard a lot about making sure that you’re present in what you’re doing, and I’m getting really good at that. I do focus on just one thing a lot of the time. In addition to that, I started thinking about the fact that when more than one of my struggles pops up at the same time in my life that I start to lose it. I become sad and depressed. I may become angry. I may start to cry for a while. All in all I lose my happiness and peace. See my 03/06/17 blog post for a good example. One problem I can handle (most of the time), but when they start compounding on each other, I start to freak out. Right now, I just got my back pain, which started again when I couldn’t work out or go to acupuncture for a while after my C-section, under control. This allowed me to go back to my peace of a single problem: surgical recovery. When I had recovery from surgery and back pain plaguing me at the same time, I started to lose it. The other day while still recovering from surgery, I started thinking about the weight I’ve gained recently during my surgical recovery, and I started to get really down on myself. It really messed with my mental peace and happiness. That’s so ridiculous though because I’m a freaking warrior for surviving what I survived in the mental state that I’m in. I should be proud of myself. Since then, I’ve made a choice to focus on one problem at a time because I can handle one problem at a time. That focus has restored my mental peace and happiness. That’s the power of one because it’s close to zero. What a powerful thought. – 03/15/2017


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