Today, I had a chance to sit down with a young woman in college. We connected because she reached out to me last year to serve as a professional mentor. In our last conversation, I opened up about some things that I had been through recently in my life, and she opened up for a moment saying something about her childhood and how you don’t necessarily know how bad it was until you start hearing about other people’s childhoods. There was this fleeting moment where I could choose to reach out to her personally in this way, and I went for it. I felt like I should. I shared with her that I had had a rough childhood and if she ever wanted to talk about it, that I’d love to sit down with her. That’s how today’s conversation happened. Today, we sat down for 3 hours to talk about our childhoods. That may seem a little unusual, but it was so amazing. It turns out that we had very similar childhoods, and she’s working through processing everything now. I see so much of myself in her, and I was able to share some lessons that I wish someone had been able to share with me years ago. I learned them on my journey to healing. It’s amazing how fulfilling it can be to connect with someone else like that. I told her that I want to be there for her as she goes through this journey to set up boundaries with her family and work through her own mental blocks from her abuse. I’m so excited about it. It actually gave me an idea that I want to implement in 5 or 10 years on this website to connect mentors who have made it through abuse with mentees going through the same type of abuse. Connecting with this woman today was so amazing because it was like watching myself 8 years ago but being able to help her. I didn’t have anyone who had been through something similar to guide me. I feel like I’m rewriting part of my story to make it easier when I help this woman. It’s very therapeutic. I came home and told my husband that I just had some chicken soup for the soul. – 03/05/2017


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