Be Gentle with Yourself

I got a card the other day that said “Be Gentle with yourself”. It was referring to how we treat ourselves when we go through challenges. This card specifically was referring to my recent C-section to remove an ectopic pregnancy (that was very much a desired pregnancy) when it ruptured and almost killed me. (Ectopic pregnancies are never viable pregnancies.) When I got that card, I thought, “I know. I am.” But, I also paused because understood why it was said and why it is often necessary to say. We never do seem to treat ourselves gently and give ourselves leeway to heal, grieve, and recover from awful things that happen to us. This is a lesson I learned after not treating myself gently through many scenarios and being raised not to treat myself gently. That did not go well emotionally or physically! Now, I definitely treat myself gently. Some days I’m tired, sad, or emotional. I acknowledge it, but I also let myself experience it because it’s how we process things. Yesterday, I had a headache, so I skipped what was going to be my 2nd workout after surgery, took a bath, and calmly watched TV before drifting to sleep. I felt great today because I let myself recover from the headache yesterday instead of trying to push through all of my recovery and force it. Sometimes we need to push ourselves to get things done, for example working out when we’re trying to lose weight. But, when you’re recovering from something really tough, don’t forget to be gentle with yourself to allow yourself to recover both emotionally and physically. Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up for a big fall or very long recovery in the future. -03/08/2017


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